Mrs. Todd's Shortcut aM.jpg

“Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut” 2017 Oil on Canvas 24” x 48”

This image started life as “Sleepy Hollow”, but my daughter had recently read Stephen King’s short story and renamed this image on the spot.

Zheng He Returns aM.jpg

Zheng He Returns 2017 Oil on Canvas 24” x 36”

China’s 15th century global navigator completes his last voyage.

Before Lunch on the Third Day.jpg

Before Lunch on the Third Day 2017 Oil on Canvas 12” x 36” sold

So God sits down, cracks open the lunchbox Mrs. God fixed for him that morning, looks around at his creation and declares it good.

Hesse Creek Rockfall aM.jpg

Hesse Creek Rockfall 2017 Oil on Canvas 20” x 16”

This and the following piece were sketched out on site near the Smoky Mountains and completed in studio.

Hesse Creek Pool aM.jpg

Hesse Creek Pool 2017 Oil on Canvas 16” x 20”

Good Vibrations aM.jpg

“Good Vibrations” 2017 Oil on Canvas 36” x 36”

Hot Town aM.jpg

“Hot Town” 2017 Oil on Canvas 20” x 16”

A nod to The Loving Spoonful’s hit single.

John Colter's Hell 1807 aM.jpg

John Colter’s Hell - 1807 2017 Oil on Canvas 24” x 48”

John Colter was one of the first white men to see Yellowstone and commented in his diary.

Let the Rough End Drag aM.jpg

Let the Rough End Drag 2017 Oil on Canvas 30” x 15”

“The Deacon's Masterpiece”  2017  Oil on Canvas  24" x 48"

This piece seemed to evoke the demise of the Deacon's one-hoss-shay in the famous Oliver Wendell Holmes' 1850s poem.

"What a Dream I Had"  2017  Oil on Canvas  20" x 16" sold

I could not get Simon & Garfunkel's "For Emily" out of my head as I worked on this.

Four miniatures  2017  Oil on Canvas  9" x 12"  sold

'Round Midnight  2017  Oil on Canvas  22" x 28"

"That's How the Light Gets In"  2017  Oil on Canvas  Sketch 11" x 14", sold,  Main Image 36" x 48"

The sketch was done after Leonard Cohen passed away in 2016, inspiring the large canvas in January 2017.

Little River  2017  Oil on Canvas  18" x 36" sold

This is the first of four plein air pieces initiated in 2016. It was started in the Great Smoky Mountain Park and completed in studio. 

Red Resurrection  2017  Oil on Canvas  36" x 24"

“Old 97”  2016-2017  Oil on Canvas 30" x 40"

This is a purpose created piece based on the Johnny Cash song and shown at the Hutton Hotel in Nashville. I had a great time working on this one. 

Radnor 4 to web.jpg

Radnor 4 2017 Oil on Canvas 36” x 24” sold