In late 2013, I completed a small abstract landscape I named “Southern Wild”. At first, I really didn’t know what to make of it. Executed in oil paint and worked with black line, it had a distinct graphic signature unlike anything I had seen before. I have always admired Ken Dallison’s unique line and watercolor style, as well as Paul Klee’s line and color sense, but this painting was different. I applied the technique to landscapes and pure abstractions, as well as deconstructed versions of both and found it was a perfect style for my sensibilities. 

Southern Wild         2014    Oil on Canvas      30" x 22"                                                                 sold

Landscape Fragments   2014   Oil on Canvas   48" x 36"

Triple Perigee  2014   Oil on Canvas  18" x 36"

1906 Revisited   2014   Oil on Canvas   36" x 24"

Pentasun   2014   Oil on Canvas   20" x 30"

Yellow Zing   2014   Oil on Canvas   22" x 28"

Two Degrees Celsius   2014   Oil on Canvas   30" x 42"

Transit   2014   Oil on Canvas   22" x 28"                                                                                                            sold